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Freelance Illustrator and Children’s picture book artist.

Born in Osaka Japan.

Graduated in literature and the arts at Waseda university in Tokyo.

Living both in Auckland, New Zealand and Tokyo, Japan.

Working for Magazines, Books, Children’s books, Advertisement, Web...

A member of Japan Illustrators Tsushin.

Personal exhibitions :

  1. The world of Simal Miura (1999 Chiba)

  2. The tropical show in the dead of winter (2000 Chiba)

  3. Voyage for Simal island (2001 Tokyo)

  4. LIGHTHOUSE (2003 Tokyo)

  5. ZOO in the air (2005 Tokyo)

  6. Simal at Schiele (2010 Chiba)

  7. Tamayura-no-iro / Fleeting colors (2010 Tokyo)

Joined many other group exhibitions and planned exhibitions.

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